The cold-as-ice Hundred Years War on Almos is heating up -- or, more accurately -- it's getting dark. With the kingdom of Frenhelm unleashing a spell of Eternal Night, their ageless enemies, followers of the sun goddess Eifa, the kingdom of Woufalem, have no choice to respond.

However, while these two powerhouses gear up for war, they're far from the only factions in Almos. The mages of New Eteras, a powerful academy housed in a floating city, have long been allies with Woufalem, invariably drawing them into the conflict.

Meanwhile, the Rajihim, known to most as the Nomads, are a nation of wandering tribes and have often been Frenhelm's only outward connection to the rest of Almos. They have no cause to want the Eternal Night, but their culture is so focused around fire that they're adaptable. They have far less cause to align themselves with Woufalem, whom they blame for forcing them off of the kingdom's rolling plains.

Unlike all of the other nations, the Conclave has no specific relations or desire to become involved in the conflict. A neutral organization of druids, their concern is only with keeping the balance.

They have spies in every other nation, and have been preparing for the Hundred Years War to erupt. Their mission? To ensure that the Eternal Night is solved, but also to ensure that no one kingdom becomes so powerful as to destroy the others.

While the first battle has yet to be fought, the Hundred Years War is threatening to interrupt. The fate of Almos will be decided with blood, sweat, and tears. Whose blood, sweat, and tears will be determined by something less concrete: politics.

Who will win? Well, Planeswalker, some of that is up to you to decide. Fight alongside Almos' greatest heroes, the course of the world's fate hangs in the balance.