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Character Commissions

Here’s the characters I have played and had art for commissioned over the years. Will add artist credits and links as I can.


  1. Florencia Rodriguez (Gallerr Commissions) Email:
  2. Luke Beatrice
  3. Llythium
  4. Victoria H. (Nazca)
  5. Boadi
  6. Crab Pinches
  • Character is [LAH - LEE - UH] (L-A-L-I-A) from the Knights. Lalia is a Lumenari and has yellow runes like tattoos across her body: A woman with red hair done up in pigtails is dressed in a casual outfit consisting of a sleeveless white crop top which exposes most of her midriff, skirt, and elbow-to-wrist sleeves of the same cottony material. She has a lute at her side. Other characters stand in for referencing, showing that she is quite short.
    Artist: Crab Pinches | Character: Lalia