Plan (Aya) 5,322 words

Aya wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was. Her father was missing, her brother… was alive and fine, purportedly, though there was something about her calling him her brother which people who knew him seemed to struggle with. She’d learned his name though, Dagga. After… Read More »Plan (Aya) 5,322 words

Time (Aya) 4,642 words

It was almost time. “We’re there, right?” Aya asked, deftly dodging a swat from Jesay. They river way in the cave was dark and dangerous, however, for those who knew the way, it was safe enough. Dangerous as it was, it was the dark that… Read More »Time (Aya) 4,642 words

Time (Andy) 4,580 words

Classes continued for Andy, but with each passing day and week he slowly began to feel less and less certain about ever seeing his sister again, and more and more worried about what she was going through. His sister had seemed fine enough, if unhappy,… Read More »Time (Andy) 4,580 words

Power (Andy) 3,220 words

“You need to focus your breathing.” Aunt Lily said. For such a bookish lady, she was surprisingly fit. They’d just run two miles together and she was hardly winded, and had jumped right into stretches. This was supposedly the ‘break’ before they ran another two… Read More »Power (Andy) 3,220 words

Taken (Dagga) 2,054 words

Dagga wasn’t one to wait for rescue. Still, as it was, they might have needed it. The attackers seemed to spring from the shadows themselves at the Fortune Teller’s place and before they knew what was happening, Dagga found themselves bound and trussed like a… Read More »Taken (Dagga) 2,054 words