Almos Story: Hal’la

Vrana was wroth. “Where is he?” She hissed. Then, after a moment, she focused on her breathing. As General Queen, it was beneath her to lose herself to such anger and passions. The fate of an entire nation rested squarely on her shoulders. At the… Read More »Almos Story: Hal’la

Almos Story: Woval

The bear sniffed at the air and took a moment to distinguish the cacophony of scents present. There was the smell of the wood: pine, oak, mold, fungus, and moldering earth. Rich smells, deep and strong, signs of a healthy forest. But there were other… Read More »Almos Story: Woval

Almos Story: Fralam

The central fire was easily the largest. The other campfires were like a smattering of stars surrounding a great sun which outshined them a hundred times over. But, what really set the larger fire apart was the entertainment. A dozen dancers were performing a coordinated… Read More »Almos Story: Fralam

Almos Story: Valgarde

“You’re certain of this?” Olfa asked, the Elf looked more troubled than Avara had ever seen her. Watcher Krix nodded. Avara had to applaud the mage for his cool head. He sat before the council of Archmages for the city-state nation, each of whom was… Read More »Almos Story: Valgarde

Almos Story: Morland

“We need a response.” Fer Kira was one of Morland’s best knights, and a close friend to Oxanlis. However, as Oxanlist reclined in her obsidian throne, the only thing that she could think of was Kira’s insolence right now. It was obvious that a response… Read More »Almos Story: Morland

Prologue #4: Aya

The man and woman had created a space for themselves on the bridge. Normally. a crowd would just have pushed past them without any sort of regard for the young couple. However, the man was on one knee and it looked as though the woman… Read More »Prologue #4: Aya

Prologue #3: Dagga

Dagga flipped a coin and then put it back in their pocket, without even glancing at it. If you believed others, the whole point of games of chance was to see who won and who lost. After all, most such games had bets riding the… Read More »Prologue #3: Dagga

Prologue #2: Andy

Andy watched Dani run out of his room. His sister was as strange as anyone he knew, but he loved her for it. Even when she was a foolish child as she so often was. Granted, they were both children, only twelve years old. Still,… Read More »Prologue #2: Andy