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The World of Almos…

…is at war. For centuries, the five nations of Hal’la, Valgarde, Morland, Fralam, and Woval have coexisted peacefully for hundreds of years. However, the past hundred years have seen escalating tensions. A cold war of sorts.

However, the first arrows have been fired in the Deadwind pass which connects the territories of Hal’la, Valgarde, and Morland.

Hal’la and Morland troops have reported back to their superiors and the fuse has been lit, the war is about to get very, very hot. Meanwhile, those from Valgarde watching over the pass, the only ones who might be able to settle the dispute, have vanished…


Image of Eila by Flavio Bolla

Hal’la is the Kingdom of Dawn, an orderly place with a rigid, hierarchical military structure. It’s led by the Queen-General or the King-General, and is currently led by Vrana da Skotia, daughter of Ingra.

Along with Morland, it is one of the wealthier of the kingdoms of Almos, and its farmland produces food shared with all of the other kingdoms.


(or Eteras)

Image of Eteras by Dian K Tjandra

Valgarde is a kingdom of islands known specifically for the University City of Eteras, the City of Knowledge. It is led by a council of archmages, with one High Archmage elected by the council and is currently led by Avara, daughter of Lufsna.

With the various island holdings and the strongest navy in Almos, Valgarde is easily able to hold its own, and the best and brightest of each nation come to learn at its university.


Image of Tol by Andreas Rocha

Morland is the Kingdom of Night, it has its own sort of order where the strong rule over the weak. Like Hal’la, it has a military hierarchy, but its line of succession is much bloodier. Currently Morland is ruled by Supreme General Oxanlis Blackguard.

Though it is a kingdom rife with feudal corruption, Morland’s wealth and military might rival that of Hal’la and it boasts some of the best craftsmen in all of Almos. Willing to bend the rules to get power, unsavory elements in all of the kingdoms can turn to Morland merchants to supply their needs.


(or The Wandering Tribes)

Image of Voshva by Martin Deschambault

Fralam is only loosely a kingdom, consisting of wandering nomads. It’s capital shifts between one of its three major cities, currently it rests in Voshva. The nomadic peoples follow a Chosen, the Phoenix-blessed which they believe to be the reincarnation of their sacred ruler from the founding of their nation. The current incarnation has been recognized as Ciala, daughter of Chosa.

Because of their wandering ways, members of the nation of Fralam can be found all over Almos and they do quite well as merchants, especially in transporting valuable goods across kingdom boundaries.


(or The Wood)

Image of Woth by Ratnendra Parmar

Woval, like Fralam, is only loosely a kingdom. It’s more of a city state surrounded on its eastern edge by lush jungle, and its northern edge by dense pine forests. It is led by the Hierophant, the strongest druid of the forests. Currently it is led by Ivala, daughter of Irda.

The only major forests outside of Woval are the Silverwood and the Dark Forest. As a result, demand is high for wood, animal furs, meats, and other animal byproducts from Woval. The druids of the forests do their best to ensure that the woods are protected and thrive, fending off poachers, but the task is a monumental one.