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Meet the Characters

Andy and Dani, and Aya and Dagga

Twin pairs of twins who will shape the fate of each of their worlds, twin worlds in parallel universes, each affecting the other in strange ways.

Images in slide show are designs by Raul Brener:

  • Andy is a young boy, twin to Dani, who loves to draw and read. He never imagined growing up in a fantasy.


Only twelve years old, with the concerns and worries of a much older man. Andy is a neurotic introvert who isn’t exactly sure how to get the things he wants without becoming someone he doesn’t want to be.

A lover of fantasy and stories, Andy finds himself caught up in one. Magic, adventure, and time travel, how will he find himself amid all that?


Twelve years old and, unlike her twin brother, Dani knows exactly who she wants to be. However, the world seems more concerned with telling her who she should be than with listening to her.

Kidnapped by cultist fanatics, she finds herself wrapped up in plots and stories like from a book her brother might read. But in all of that chaos, was there a path for her to become who she has always known she was meant to be?


The world has certain expectations for young women like Aya. However, her dreams include adventure, and forging her own path through life. The idea of settling down and managing a household and family is as terrifying to her as the idea of adventuring is to others.

Aya has always felt like there was something–someone missing from her life. She’s grown up entirely apart from Dagga and her father. For most of her life, she thought her father simply abandoned her and her mother, but, when her mother is murdered, it turns out that she and her sibling may have been separated for their own protection.


They have never been one to submit to expectation. Dagga learned about their sister from their father, but little else about why they were separated. Dagga has grown up on the fringes of the law and society, finding a way to make a name for themselves amid a pirate crew.

Fortunately for Dagga, their crew regards them exactly as they wish to be. However, the rest of the world can be rather hostile. Dagga is used to being an outcast, just so long as they can get their sister to accept them, they’d be happy.

Aunt Lily

Andy and Dani grew up without really knowing anything of their family. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, they lacked any sort of relationship with those core extended family that everyone else seemed to have. Aunt Lily was their mom’s sister, and she seems to have some sort of leadership position among the Alterran community.