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NaNoWriMo 2021

I did it! 50,000 words in the month of November 2021. I ended up at 50,453 but the story sort of ends abruptly which is certainly not going to be how it ends going forward, but I was more interested in rewriting the story that I have so far than seeing where that story ended. So keep an eye out for new postings in 2022 adding to the story.

  • Rescue (Aya) 1,194 words
    They knew where Aya’s dad was. Or, at least, they knew where he had been heading. There was a very good chance that he was still there. In fact, given that he’d only left a week and a half prior, there was even a chance they’d arrive at his destination before he did. As soon… Read More »Rescue (Aya) 1,194 words
  • Rescue (Andy) 4,043 words
    In the end, Andy ended up spending three weeks with Baerex. Throughout that time he had managed to calm himself a lot more and grow accustomed to the fact that time worked differently when one was jumping around in it. The constant feeling of being rushed and forced to act or suffer the consequences wasn’t… Read More »Rescue (Andy) 4,043 words
  • Plan (Aya) 5,322 words
    Aya wasn’t exactly sure what the plan was. Her father was missing, her brother… was alive and fine, purportedly, though there was something about her calling him her brother which people who knew him seemed to struggle with. She’d learned his name though, Dagga. After all that though, she was still alone. Sure, there was… Read More »Plan (Aya) 5,322 words
  • Plan (Andy) 3,378 words
    It was going to take more than a little raid to rescue Dani, it turned out. After the vision with the ambush, Andy’s aunt, Kim, and Peter had decided to retreat and figure out a new approach that would let them take Dani without bringing down the wrath of the two kidnappers. In such an… Read More »Plan (Andy) 3,378 words
  • Time (Aya) 4,642 words
    It was almost time. “We’re there, right?” Aya asked, deftly dodging a swat from Jesay. They river way in the cave was dark and dangerous, however, for those who knew the way, it was safe enough. Dangerous as it was, it was the dark that was far more oppressive. But the worst part was how… Read More »Time (Aya) 4,642 words
  • Time (Andy) 4,580 words
    Classes continued for Andy, but with each passing day and week he slowly began to feel less and less certain about ever seeing his sister again, and more and more worried about what she was going through. His sister had seemed fine enough, if unhappy, when he visited her in his dream. However, he hadn’t… Read More »Time (Andy) 4,580 words
  • Power (Aya) 4,196 words
    When Aya arrived at the destination a couple of days later, she found that it was a small shack on the river with a couple of boats and a couple of barges as well. She didn’t see anyone outside so Aya walked up to the shack and knocked on a door that looked ready to… Read More »Power (Aya) 4,196 words
  • Power (Andy) 3,220 words
    “You need to focus your breathing.” Aunt Lily said. For such a bookish lady, she was surprisingly fit. They’d just run two miles together and she was hardly winded, and had jumped right into stretches. This was supposedly the ‘break’ before they ran another two miles back home. All told, it would take them about… Read More »Power (Andy) 3,220 words
  • Taken (Dagga) 2,054 words
    Dagga wasn’t one to wait for rescue. Still, as it was, they might have needed it. The attackers seemed to spring from the shadows themselves at the Fortune Teller’s place and before they knew what was happening, Dagga found themselves bound and trussed like a hog on its way to slaughter and roasting. When they… Read More »Taken (Dagga) 2,054 words
  • Taken (Dani) 2,754 words
    They came in the middle of the night. Dani woke up momentarily to find herself surrounded, only to immediately be knocked unconscious once more as a rag was put over her mouth and nose. In the moments before she fell back asleep, she did hear a brief clip of conversation. “Do you have the boy… Read More »Taken (Dani) 2,754 words
  • Chapter 4: Test (Aya) 2,295 words
    The ambush went off perfectly. Well… almost perfect. Aya’s first shot missed which alerted their pursuers to their surprise. However, Jessay managed to sap the woodsman Templar while Aya notched a new arrow and this time hit the bigger one in the leg. In no time, Kriofft and Jessay had the three of them bound… Read More »Chapter 4: Test (Aya) 2,295 words
  • Chapter 3: Test (Andy) 3,761 words
    The town of Fallsborough really was in the middle of nowhere. Set at the edge of a lake which was itself flanked by hills, including a rushing falls which Andy assumed was the reason for its given name. In spite of the lack of a road to it, the town itself had a well-developed infrastructure,… Read More »Chapter 3: Test (Andy) 3,761 words
  • Chapter 2: Running (Aya) 4,729 words
    Aya woke up from the strangest dream. However, as strange as the dream was, it wasn’t any stranger to the reality she woke up to. She was camped outside under the protective eaves of branches of the trees that surrounded them. Aya and her mother had left the city in which she grew up once… Read More »Chapter 2: Running (Aya) 4,729 words
  • Chapter 1: Running (Andy) 3,655 words
    There was a flash of light and then, almost immediately, a crash of thunder followed. The storm that raged outside lashed at the roof with bullets of ceaseless rain and the wind howled as it tore at the trees and pushed them to a furious and chaotic dance. Inside, Andy was warm and dry, but… Read More »Chapter 1: Running (Andy) 3,655 words